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Our company is a privately owned company solely dedicated to the research, development manufacturing, sales and support of state-of-the-art, high quality, herbal-based "DR QU" Range of Skin Care Cosmetics of which the formula has won the 14th Salon Annual Invention Award, Geneva, in Switzerland. In simple terms, the formula can be summed up as "Perfect Integration of Eastern Herbal Medicine and Western Technology".

The parent company was formed in 1975 in China. SWITZ International Pte Ltd & Qu's Technology International (S) Pte Ltd were established in Singapore with in 1989 & 1994, to take over the role as HQ. Since then, two more research centers and six manufacturing plants have been set up in five different countries. With a present staff strength of 150 personnels, the award-winning cosmetics have been successfully marketed in 32 countries & regions.


The founder cum chairman of the company, Dr Qu Kui Zun, being a dermatologist, has devoted more than fifty years of his life conducting clinical observations and tests into the causes of the skin problems between 1946 till today. He has won numerous awards and recommendations from various international bodies as a recognition for his achievements in this highly specialized field. Based on his rich experience in the field of dermatology and the combination of Scientific Theory and Traditional Chinese Medicine, he invented "Demodicidin", one of the greatest inventions in skin care. Now, the formula is made available in a proven herbal based skin care cosmetic range called "DR QU"


By Dr Qu Kui Zun & Master Qu Rui

Cosmetics' Research & Development

1. The First Generation Cosmetics - Beautycare Cosmetics. The cosmetics was manufactured for Beauty & Beautycare of human. Raw materials of cosmetics was come from nature plant, animal...,and effect of Beauty & Beautycare of the cosmetics was not obvious, not good for skincare ,and some harmful to skin.

2. The Second Generation Cosmetics - Health Skincare Cosmetics. The base of the Cosmetics are in artificial chemosynthesis materials and also with more health, nutrition materials. Its characters are more easy to manufacture, lower cost, and more kinds of products are good for skin and skincare. But some of these kinds chemical materials are many in toxic matter (Lead, Mercury, Arsenic...) or harmful to skin and never to prevent from skin disease.

3. The Third Generation Cosmetics - Medical Health Beauty Skincare Cosmetics. Character is to apply high level science and technology (advance chemical and pharmacy engineering ...) with health medical & dermatology medical theory, and to use more nature materials with haveno toxin & side effect being combined with more health & nutrition matter to make skincare & more beauty - promote skin metabolism, and also using more nature medicine herb into cosmetics for preventing skin disease.

"DR QU" Cosmetics is belong to "The Third Generation Cosmetics" today - and is following health medical and dermatology medical theory and research, using high level science and technology manufacturing (chemical & pharmacy engineering standard..), using quality raw materials in amino-acid, multi-vitamins. multi-trace elements, super oxide dismutase (SOD), using more nature herb and raw materials in nutrition skin, and it is an skincare & skin beauty series of nature active cosmetics, also containing "DR QU natural Demodicidin" to eliminate/prevent from human Demodex (one kind of parasites) affect / Acne Rosecea / Hair follicle mite / Prevention and treatment Acne Vulgarize or Pimple....other skin diseases. And also the "DR QU" Cosmetics can make your skin maintancing skin oil and water balance, dispeling pigments, smoothing wrinkle, anti-sunshine, promoting metabolic, protecting skin drainage, secrete, absorb& normal physiology function, maintaining skin smooth & soft, full of elasticity & delays skin aging......So, Wiping out the Demodex is the first step for your skin beauty ! and only "DR QU" Cosmetics can help you in the world !


The Natural Medical Demodicidin contains prized natural herbal extracts which contain 40 over nutrients and physiological active components such as 21 amino acids, multi-vitamins and multiple trace elements, etc. The herbal extracts can effectively inhibit Demodex while supplying nutrients to the skin and slow down skin aging.


Demodex is a hairfollicle mite, a parasite that lives and feeds on the nutrients in the sebaceous glands causing damage like enlarged pores, hair loss and inflamed etc. Dr 's years of research and experiments shows that the formula among others is able to:


• inhibit demodex, preventing them to cause damages to the skin

• prevent demodex infection

• provide nourishment to skin and hair

• help slow down skin cell aging

• restore skin's original colour and natural beauty


"DR QU" Nature Demodicidin Cosmetic Series" - "DR QU" Medical Health Beauty Skincare Cosmetic Series" comes from "DR QU" Medical Demodicidin Series", which is a group of medical cosmetic products made from Demodex-inhibiting natural substance and various anti-Demodex elements combined after long research, also contains more nature herb for nutrition skin, some pure natural materials, such as amino-acid, multi-vitamins, multi-trace elements, super oxide dismutase (SOD). They are safe for daily use by people of all ages and will help wipe out Demodex, protect against Demodex infestation.

Our cosmetic has passed the most stringent test for cosmetic set by the Japanese and American authorities. This has inevitably increased our confidence that we manufacture one of the world's best quality cosmetic.

It's unique characteristic, the use of Demodicidin to inhibit and eliminate the demodex activities and eventually restoring natural beauty, has been proven to be a strong selling point.


The total range of products consists of more than 40 items, covering from head to toes. At present, there are 10 kinds of "Dr Natural Medical Healthy Beauty Skincare Cosmetic" in the market. They are:

01 Moisture Active Cream 40gm Traveler Pack
02 Moisture Facial Mask 40gm Traveler Pack
03 Cleansing Bar (Normal) 125gm Family Pack
04 Cleansing Bar (Medical) 125gm Family Pack
05 Facial Cleanser 75ml Traveler Pack
06 Facial Skin Balancing Toner (Normal) 135ml Traveler Pack
07 Facial Skin Balancing Toner (Medical) 135ml Traveler Pack
08 Hairlth Wash 120ml Traveler Pack
09 Hairlth Wash 300ml Family Pack
10 Hairlth Conditioner 300ml Family Pack
11 Body Foam 300ml Family Pack
12 Body Lotion 120ml Traveler Pack
13 Sunscreen Lotion (SPF 15+) 75ml Traveler Pack
14 Ladies Cleanser 120ml Traveler Pack

To add to the list, we are presenting other new items next year. Market research have shown an enormous potential demand in the market for the new items which are Hairlth Tonic.


This person / company must have the following qualities
01 Capable leaders to lead the Distribution Business
02 Good partnership among the directors
03 Financially healthy and strong
04 Strong management culture to unite directors, managers, staff and members
05 Great motivation to strive and achieve the best
06 Wide and effective distribution network
07 Good knowledge of the market
08 Good sales performance track records
09 Hold regular promotional functions to push our products
Meanwhile, our company provides favorable terms like
01 Attractive wholesailing price
02 Knowledge of skin problems
03 Free training and practical classes on how to squeeze the sebum for examination of demodex
04 Presentations on seminar and promotions
05 Staff support
06 Technical literature support (poster, brochures, books)
07 Experience sharing (the successful marketing of our products in other markets) to our agent, among other supports
08 Good sales performance track records
09 Hold regular promotional functions to push our products

Our company could provide full information on ingredients and certificates like Free Sales Certificates or Manufacturing Certificates etc

We welcome you to contact us via fax or phone should you have any inquiries.