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"DR QU" Medical Health Beauty Skincare Cosmetic Series is invented by Dr Qu Kui Zun, who come from China, is the famous skin disease dermatologist, International well-known as Medical Demodicidin authority. Dr Qu Kui Zun based on his clinical practice over 57 years (since 1945) and made a profound study of medical and health cosmetology, emphasizing more on scientific theories than practice. He was appointed as the chief and chief physician in Qingdao University of China and the chief professor in Qingdao Dermatological Institute. Dr Qu has created the Sebum Quantifying Instrument, applied the diagnostic standards of sebum quantification, sebum localization and intensity of demodectic infestation in epidemiological survey. He also used pathological experiment and clinical Demodex killing and treatment observation results. He discover that 97.68% of people skin has the Demodex (Human Demodex, namely, Hair follicle mite or Demodex). Parasitic inside the skin for long time the hair follicle is enlarge the pore is enlarge and causes of hair loss etc. it were affect the skin to be rough and aging. People beauty will extensive effect. Demodex breeding more people can easy suffer (DEMODECTIC ACNE ROSACRA), the skin will get serious hurt. This is Dr Qu Kui Zun scientific achievement results and verified by the experts around the world.

"Dr QU" Medical Demodicidin Beauty Cosmetic Series is now the ONLY one to have (Demodicidin), can only Demodicidin the Cosmetics Beauty Products. This is Dr Qu who help people towipe out Demodex and protect against Demodex infestation.

The First step towards beauty is wiping out Demodex! "Dr QU" medical beauty series, suited for all kinds of skin and all ages, prevent skin disease and recover the beauty. "Dr QU" series is the main purpose for all family members.